Adult education plays a critical role in helping refugees overcome barriers and find prosperity in their new communities. Gaining the knowledge and tools to face these barriers is key to securing long-term employment and to their overall well-being.

Using innovative game based learning methodologies, the Erasmus+ funded IEEDO project aims to reduce the disparity refugees and humanitarian migrants currently face in European adult education, helping them to develop skills and knowledge for digital self-learning. Thus, building resilience through innovative customised eLearning resources. The project will also support adult/ community education providers and tutors, to reduce the disparity individuals face in European adult education.

Project Partners:

  • Ashley Community Housing (United Kingdom)
  • Folkuniversitetet (Sweden)
  • MetropolisNet (Germany)
  • Rinova Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Dimitra (Greece)
  • Video Games Without Borders (Spain)

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Stefano Cecere
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